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Sondex Australia designs, manufactures and supplies quality plate heat exchangers that are built to best practice industry standards. The Sondex heat exchangers deliver reliability and exceptional performance.
Sondex Australia’s mission is to provide clients with optimal product solutions. Adhering to best practice energy conservation principles and performance efficiencies.

Standard Plate heat exchangers

We continuously deliver our mission by focusing on three core areas: Quality Products; Global Expertise and 24/7 Service Support.

  • Quality Products. At Sondex, our products are manufactured using the latest technologies and are commended for a range of features. These include design, thermodynamics, dependability and value compared to competitors.
  • Global Heat Transfer Expertise.  Sondex’s knowledge is gained from a global presence and project completion. We have attained knowledge from our work in a myriad of industries, including oil and gas to mining; marine to industrial; food to HVAC; and many more.
  • 24/7 Service. Our core value, we provide 24/7 support and technical service.

To find out more about Sondex Australia or to discuss a Sondex product, please contact us today.

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Minimize your operational costs and increase your operational performance with Sondex Service. We ensure the best product performance and product quality throughout the lifetime of the product.

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