Sondex A/S – CSR Policy

A1.1. The company does refrain from participating in, or benefiting from any form of forced labour, including bonded labour, debt bondage, slavery, servitude, involuntary prison labour or human trafficking.

A1.2. The Company does refrain from retaining identity cards, travel documents and other important personal papers of the employees.

A2.1. The Company does comply with minimum age standards.

A2.2. If the company becomes aware that it is employing children of school age, it does ensure that the children are enrolled in a remediation/education programme rather than summarily terminated from employment (N/A)

A2.3. The Company does ensure that it doesn’t hire minors (below 18 years of age) to perform work that is hazardous or harmful to their health, safety or morals.

A3.1. The Company does ensure that its compensation, benefit plans, and employment-related decisions are made based on relevant and objective criteria.

A3.2. The Company does seek to maintain a work environment that is culturally respectful and sensitive to the needs of all workers.

A4.1. The Company does recognize the freedom association rights of its workers, including the right to bargain collectively.

A4.2. If trade unions do not exist in the area of operation, or only state authorized organizations are allowed, the company does establish alternative measures to allow employees to gather independently to discuss work-related problems.

A5.1. The Company does ensure that its workers are afforded safe, suitable and sanitary work facilities.

A5.2. The company does supply its employees with the protective equipment and training necessary to perform their tasks safely.

A6.1. The company does take measures to protect workers from acts of physical, verbal, sexual, or psychological harassment, abuse or threats in the workplace, including when determining and implementing disciplinary measures.

A6.2. The company does have mechanisms for hearing, processing and settling grievances of employees.

A6.3. The company does provide a living wage, which enables workers to meet the basic needs of themselves and their dependents.

A6.4. The company does grant employees paid holiday and sick leave each year, as well as parental leave to employees who must care for a newborn or newly adopted child.

A6.5. The company does ensure that the work-week is limited to 37 hours, overtime is voluntary, infrequent and does not exceed 12 hours per week, and that employees are given reasonable breaks while working, and sufficient rest periods between shifts (According to Country Law).

A6.6. The company does respect the privacy rights of its employees whenever it gathers private information or implements employee-monitoring practices.

B1.1. The company’s security guards are trained when to intervene in security-related situations and how to use the minimal authorized force necessary.

B2.1. Before purchasing land, the company does consult with all affected parties, including both legal and customary owners, in order to seek their prior-informed consent.

B2.2. The company does ensure that it does not participate in or benefit from improper forced relocations, and adequately compensates inhabitants in voluntary relocations.

B2.3. The company does honour the land, passage, and usage rights of local indigenous peoples on company-controlled land.

B2.4. The company does consult with the local inhabitants and take measure to address and mitigate any disruptive effects that its operations may have on company land, the local community, and the natural resources in the area (N/A).

B3.1. The company does have emergency procedures in place to effectively prevent and address all health emergencies and industrial accidents affecting the surrounding community.

B3.2. The company does have mechanisms for hearing, processing and settling the grievances of the local community.

B4.1. The company does refrain from bribing, or using any other method, to unjustly influence government officials and/or the judiciary.

B5.1. The company does exercise due diligence when designing, manufacturing and marketing products, to protect against product defects which could harm the life, health or safety of the consumer or others likely to be affected by the defective product.

B5.2. Before using local artistic or copyrightable material or patenting a previously unpatented invention that has already been in use by a local or indigenous people, the company does first obtain the informed consent of the creator or owner of the work.

C1.1. The company does screen and monitor all major suppliers, contactors, sub-suppliers, joint-venture partners, and other major business associates for commitment on human rights/social issues.

January 2011


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