Experience D-power

Maximizing both performance and product lifetime, the D-plate series is a milestone in innovation and moves plate heat exchanger technology into a bright new era, of advanced, yet simple solutions.

Powerful performance

We have increased the thermal performance of our plates by up to 10% compared to the usual plate design.

The strongest plate to date

Up to 25% thinner plates with D-plate technology compared to normal plates in the same pressure range. Diagonal reinforcements made from a cost-effective, durable glass reinforced composite ensure that D-plates are very strong.

Revolutionary D-Lock™

The patented D-Lock™ gasket system is easy to attach. It snaps the gasket into the D-Lock™ sockets and keeps it firmly in place. The system is designed so that no part of the gasket is exposed to UV-light, thereby extending its lifetime.

Highly intuitive hanging system

Our new hanging system uses a component made from a cost-effective, durable glass reinforced composite that makes servicing the plate pack highly intuitive and easy.

Perfect plate alignment with corner locks

Perfect plate alignment with our new corner locking system. The plate corners fit together to stabilize the plate pack and eliminate the risk of snaking.

D-Plate Technology


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