Sondex Free Flow Plate

Sondex has developed a Real Free Flow Plate Heat Exchanger.

The plates have been designed without any metal contact between the plates and are specially designed for products, containing pulp and other fibrous material up to 2mm in diameter and a length of up to 5mm.

The flow is unimpeded and has a gap of up to 5mm, meaning that particles will not be caught in the plates. The Sondex Free Flow Plate Heat Exchanger can easily be maintained and cleaned without dismantling by cleaning-in-place (CIP).

The physical length of the PHE means that many applications can be solved in one pass solutions with all the connections on the fix end plate only.


  • Real Free Flow Plates without any metal-to-metal contacts at all
  • Can be used for fibrous material.
  • CIP cleaning is possible
  • Very high thermal performances
  • Strong and rigid plate material
  • Sondex patented hanging system which ensures correct assembling of the plate┬ápack year after year
  • The plates and gaskets comply fully with the US 3A sanitary standard

Areas of applications:

  • Cooling/heating of fibrous material, like juice, containing pulps
  • Pasteurizing cream and viscous ice cream mixes
  • Heat treating and cooling yogurt
  • Cooling wort with mash
  • Cooling mustard and tomato sauces
  • General heat treatment of pumpable foodstuffs
  • Heat treatment of milk products, requiring very gentle heat treatment
  • Heat recovery from industrial applications, containing impurities, wasting water, cellulose, etc.


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