Heat Exchangers

We lead the industry when it comes to designing and manufacturing the next generation of heat exchangers and pumps.

Sondex Australia is part of the Sondex family worldwide, which has been providing services to companies around the world for thirty years in what is today 40 countries. You can be rest assured by this record of accomplishment and being part of such an esteemed corporation.

Our extensive product range ensures we are able to deliver the best solution for your project. With connection sizes of ø 15mm – ø 500mm covering a liquid flow of 50 l/hour – 2000 m³/hour, you can be confident that Sondex has the optimal heat exchanger for your job.

Sondex designs, manufactures and supplies plate and frame heat exchangers; all welded plate and shell heat exchangers; brazed plate heat exchangers; and, Sondex free flow heat exchangers. We also design and manufacture wastewater pumps, sanitary pumps and industrial / marine pumps.

We specialise in four types of Heat Exchangers


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