All Welded Plate & Shell Exchanger

Design and Function of the Heat Exchanger:

Welded Plate Heat Exchangers work in the same way as an ordinary tubular unit, however, it is more efficient because plates have been used instead of tubes. The plates are laser/TIG welded together to form a plate pack, which is then mounted inside a traditional cylindrical shell.

The Advantages of this Heat Exchanger:

  • No gaskets
  • Safe operation without risk of leakage
  • High working temperatures up to 250°C
  • High working pressure up to 25 bar
  • High K-values
  • Small liquid hold up volume
  • Small space requirement (only 30% of a
  • Traditional tubular heat exchanger)
  • Easily serviced

Applications for SONDEX All Welded Plate and Shell Heat Exchanger:

  • District heating
  • Steam heating
  • Thermal oil heating
  • Evaporator for refrigerants
  • Condenser for refrigerants


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